Reproduction Parts for COE Trucks .

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For 1938-47 Ford COE's
We carry the front splash apron  $120.00
Front fenders at $360.00/each
Running boards at $125.00/each
Running board aprons at $85.00/each

The only parts we have for your 38-47  Ford COE would be the:
Windshield seal -50-701290 at $60.00
Rear window seal part number is 50-813370
1938-40 COE Window Channel Kits 81w-45983
1941-47 COE Window Channel Kits 11w-45983
1938-1939 Pickup Headlight Pad   $15.00  Fits 38-47 Ford COE Headlamp Stands
  USA made by Drake. Fits between fender and headlight stand. Molded rubber with bead, not a flat die cut style. 81C-13130 ...

These Repro 38-40 Ford COE Grille Bars are available in Stainless Steel or plain Steel
Also Available are 38-47 Ford COE Floor Sections and Seat Risers  from email Todd Murthum  at
Make sure you check out COE Corner

Part Number: MS267
Name: Cab Over Engine (COE) Running Board Mats
Description: Set of 4. The patterns were made from NOS mats so the top ribbed appearance is like original.
An excellent black copy that is to be glued to your metal cab flat step plates.
Price: 175.00
How Item Sold: set
Fits: 1947-55 Chevrolet COE & GMC COE

Due to a Heart Problem which is threatening his life Ron will not be able to make any more Grille or Hood panels as of the 3rd March 2015
Click on the above pic and find out more
Repro Hood Panel  and Grille to suit 38/40 Ford COE will also fit 41/47 Ford COE
from Ron Holland 

The pics don't show it very well, but pads are very smooth with nice detail.If anyone is interested in a set, please e-mail me
personally I also built a fiberglass hood mold because I have a second truck cab that came with a very rough hood
.Since I had one good hood and I am experienced in fiberglass molding, I decided to make a mold to make a second hood.
If anyone is interested in a hood,I would be willing to make these available for sale as well.
The next step on my COE is to repair my fenders.When they are done,I will also make a mold for the COE fenders.
Just a little info on myself-I have owned a body shop for 20 years,with most of our work being in the street rod and restoration business.
Greg Friesen.

The Ford repro items below are available from Mike Woodard in Washington State

Fuel Tank Filler Necks to suit 38-47 Ford COE's

Oil Filler Caps for the Flathead V8 as used in the 38-47 Ford COE's

Crank Hole Trim to suit 40 Ford COE

Other Items that Mike also makes are the Parking Lamp Gasket.
With more to follow.
Contact Mike at